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Originally Posted by Kin View Post
The fight wasn't thrilling by any stretch of the imagination, but it definitely had some awesome moments ala Machida's counters -- especially those knees!
There were no awesome moments in this fight. Go back and watch it again. Those knees weren't landing. He was hitting with the meat of his thigh not the knee. Almost all of Lyoto's shots were barely hitting or not hitting at all.

I've heard some people say that they saw great technique in that fight. Those people are wrong. There was nothing great in that fight. Lyoto has looked much, much better. This was not Lyoto being elusive or demonstrating great defensive technique. This was Lyoto flat running for 3 rounds while throwing the odd pitter patter shot. If Hendo hadn't come forward a punch wouldn't have been thrown the entire fight.

That was garbage. The only good thing to come of it is I get to see Jones destroy Machida again.

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