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startin age has really nothin to do with it i have seen events were a guy aged 30 odd had only started fightin at 26 and still whooped ass when i started boxing i was beatin people who had being doing it years before me it all comes down to natural talent, abilitly to learn. and detumanation what the point in statin at 8 you aint gonna take it seriosly at that age i pick up skills very easly and if i find somewere that will train me i know ill be able to beat people who have been doing it longer it happens in mma all the time experiance is only has good as the fighter who posses it e.g ritch franklin used to be a teacher only started fighing less than 5 years ago now he is dominating the middleweight division why natural talent mean while evan tanner who has tons of experance can not seem to hang with the big dogs do not tell me that 20 is to old i know that if i was trainind in mma for 3 to 5 years thats all the time i would need thats all tito had and look at him
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