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Day 37
Friday night.

I was knocked out by a illness, i think it was a simple but nasty cold.

It came on hard the 16th, i woke up around noon saturday morning and was up for maybe 10-minutes before i was out again, the next thing I knew was it was 8pm. So basically from 10pm-noon then 1215-1230 to 8pm. this lasted through wednesday.

i went in at 4pm and went through one session. I didn't have any issues doing the PT, I was tired from the exertion I went through but wasn't struggling.

I do not like a idea that jeff is trying to teach us...

He was teaching us a guard for boxing where the left hand is under the elbow of the right hand across the chest.

One of the combos he was showing s from this guard was a lead uppercut right cross left hook. Since i'm orthadox i was throwing a left uppgercut from my did not generate any power at all. the only good was my right hand and left hook.

He was wanting us to learn this due to fatigue during a fight. There is no way I can ever see me utilizing this junk.

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