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Originally Posted by Liddellianenko View Post
Don't the below 5"2" players deserve their own division in the NBA? Don't the < 115 lb football players deserve their own NFL division? Shouldn't there br a separate division in soccer for players that run < 2mph?

Heck yes, I say not only should there be divisions for each one of these, they should headline and push the current rosters to the bottom! Who really cares about those giant ass basketball players, it's too easy for them! Bring on the dunk free version, I've got my popcorn ready! And poodles, poodles need their own MMA division, stop this animal discrimination, they have feelings too!

Heck not just one more, we need 50 more divisions in basketball. It's completely unfair for the 5'6" players to compete in the 5'6.0002" players division, the height difference is just insurmountable.

In fact we should just abandon this discouraging concept of winners and losers too, everyone should win! The only difference would be one side wins ponies and the other wins unicorns! And no one should "fight" unless it is with flowers and rainbows, inside a fluffy cotton candy cage!

The sporting world would make everyone soooo happy then.
Way to take my post to the extreme, and not even use relevant examples. In a sporting organization such as the UFC, where their roster is already split along these weight lines, it's silly to not try to include as many world class people as they can. The organizations you name not only have no weight classes to abide by, but they also don't pit their players against each other in a combat sport where you are attempting to incapacitate your opponent. I believe I get what you are trying to say, and if the UFC had been structured differently, I would wholeheartedly be agreeing with you, assuming I understand your point correctly.

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