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Originally Posted by K R Y View Post
There are 5 books out right now, of a planned 7.

Game of Thrones
Clash of Kings
Storm of Swords (Part 1: Steel and Snow. Part 2: Blood and Gold) - Hardback is one book only, paperback split into two.
Feast of Crows
Dance of Dragons (Park 1: Dreams and Dust. Part 2: After the Feast) - Hardback is one book only, paperback split into two.

Bare in mind though, the paperback versions of book 3 and 5, are so long, they're split into two. So technically, there are 7 books to read out now if you buy the paperbacks.

Atm you have around 5200+ pages or so to read from start to 'finish'.

They're big. Long. And deep. And amazing I've read them through 3 times now, and could easily start them again now. They're really good. Although book 4 (Feast for Crows) is imo the worst of the lot, and I really struggled to get through it the first time (and haven't read it again)
Three times...Martin must be a damn good writer. I'm amazed at how these authors can conjure up entirely new realms with so many rich characters. The scope of the book/show is really mind boggling. Actually taking the time to create an entire family tree, history for each character and clan then melding it together. It took James Cameron a decade to create the Avatar world which is pretty neat. It's more visuals and aesthetics though. GOT has that and really an outstanding backstory. Suppose some he was able to draw from history + LOTR, and the rest all from his imagination.

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