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Originally Posted by Cowgirl View Post
I'm not quite sure I understand your statement or your question. Yes, 11 divisions will probably be 12/13 belts factoring in for the interim belts, but it's not really as simple as you make it out to be. Should a Bantamweight world class fighter not be allowed to fight in the organization unless he can make a higher weight? He's world class at BW, he should be able to showcase his talents at that weight, and if he's good enough, be rewarded for his performance with a belt. I guess I'm just not seeing how it's confusing, in my mind, a guy who fights at 135 pounds shouldn't have to bulk to 155 pounds just to keep the number of belts low. They are all separate divisions with separate people fighting, do they not all deserve a chance?
No. Not if people don't want to watch them. What if a 95 pound guy was really good at MMA? Do we have to make a new weight class and give him a chance to showcase his talents as well? Of course not. Nobody gives a f*** because the average guy would still beat the crap out of him.

Too many belts waters down the significance of having one. I'm not willing to pretend a 115 pound man is of the same caliber as Anderson Silva or GSP.

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