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Originally Posted by ConorM
yea buddy? idk man it seems like ur they one makin threats over the internet. dont try to be a tough guy over the net, no tough guys here..just puss.ies typin over there computers makin threats...oh yea ud make me your bi.tch? i doubt that man. its funny whenever u make a stupid comment about tito beating on chuck and i shoot u down u start cryin like a baby and talkin intstead of counteracting wut i had to say u ***.

haha thas because alll you ever do is talk shit you lil kid .. why dont you actually try and have a ****ing decent conversation ? whats the MATER WITH U? are you an angry child r soemthing ? DOES your mother play with your balls every nigt before bed ?

Alll u ever do is talk shit , oh you and tito you and tito blah bla bla your a repeditive piece of shit come up with something new man .... seriously

and as for me stomping you , tere is no doubt in my mind i would dummy your ass you sound like a 12 yr ld kid whos angry with life , no doubt bro no doubt id send you to a hospital in critical condition

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