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Originally Posted by No_Mercy View Post
I've actually been here before. The girl ended up telling me..."let's be friends." That is how I became an international player and professional polygamist of sorts.

Mondays have to be the suckiest. I always thought what if we removed Mondays. Problem is the following day would simply become the "Monday." Then I realized if we just removed all the days except Friday - Sunday then we would be in perpetual weekends forever. We'd all work one full day then it would be the weekend. Fridays would function as the first and last day of the week! Wouldn't that be something...
I've been best friends with this girl 15 years so I'm already in the friends boat. I've done the sleep around thing I've done the commitment thing. At this point I'm a little tired of the bar, looking for somebody to spend time with not drunk.

Also my liver couldn't take that.

Originally Posted by Roflcopter View Post
Wtf, why?

I've been chasing this chick for the last 3 months and now she's finally available.

I feel more pressure than ever. I found it funny though, that her mom read her text messages between us and thought that we were already having sex behind her boyfriends back(we weren't).
Long and very involved story that I've posted somewhere on this forum already.

Curious how old are you? With people's moms taking phones and shit. That's high school stuff.

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