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day 38.

Got a double session in tonight, it felt awesome to get through a long night again.

I worked on that newer guard not by choice, when I hit the mitts from this guard my lead uppercut was only good to set up a nasty right cross and left hook.

We primarily worked on situational sparring with defending with this guard, and attacking the guard.

At the end of the session we did 20 hammer slams into a tire and 3 flips down and back inside.

After that I convinced a guy to do a 3 minute standing tire press battle.
i got a sparring session in at the end of the night, 2 rounds with a kid named Jose.

His grandfather is one of our coaches, and is being prepped for a potential bout in about 12-weeks time.

Vince had his boy who is 138lbs spar me. I went real light on the kid.

I thought that Jose would dance around me being nearly 60lbs lighter.

I had the agility edge over him and picked his guard apart. I pressured him into the ropes where i scored many head shots.

I would say held the reach advantage but couldn't use it.

I wouldn't say i charged in on him, I would think I cut him off more than he did to me.

During the 2nd round Jeff stepped in and showed Jose a shoulder shove to get me off him on the ropes. It worked to get me away, but he didn't utilized the time to get away from the ropes.

I side-stepped and cut him on his angles. I remember going around in circles just on the ropes with him backed up.

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