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Originally Posted by Cowgirl View Post
What you choose not to 'pretend' doesn't factor in here, there is a fan base for 115 pound fighters, you are not one of them and that's okay. But the people who appreciate the technical aspects of it shouldn't be deprived of it simply because other fans out there prefer watching fighters with KO power. Why can't we all just get along? as far as being 'of the same caliber as Anderson Silva or GSP' the guys at the top are the best in their weightclass, which is what the champs are at the end of the day. Let's have GSP drop to 115 and take on a natural SW, he'd probably lose, if he could even make the cut. I can definitely see your point, but it's a weird comparison to me, you consider LW to be a good class? Surely you don't think that Bendo stands a chance against Velasquez? Does that mean he doesn't deserve a belt? Not a chance, it simply means he's the best LW .
The fan base is tiny though and does not justify dilution of the league for the thumping 95% of the rest of the fanbase / paying customer base that doesn't care about it.

There are fan bases for croquet, tiddlywinks, watching paint dry etc. too, that doesn't mean they have to be included into the Olympics. People who like watching paint dry can go pay for the "Watching Paint Dry" championship and watch away to their hearts content. People who like watching two men smaller than my 14 year old nephew go at it can do it at the smaller MMA orgs.
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