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Originally Posted by Tyson Fury View Post
Yeah man, no harm in admitting you were wrong. Some people flat out refuse to admit that. Its shows character, while the people who act all stubborn and always refuse to admit that Kevin Bacon was in Footloose just look like whiney little bitches.

Can you provide some sort of link for when Dana compared Rowdy to Lesnar? Or jsut explain to me what he said, I missed it. Just wondering about the context to which Dana made his comparison.
I might be wrong, but I believe he was saying how she was getting way more press/attention than Lesnar did. There's just no way that's possible. I know attention doesn't equal pay-per-view buys automatically, but Lesnar had 4 of the top 5 all-time pay-per-views. I remember Lesnar/Couture being all over ESPN and then UFC 100 obviously. Rousey will emerge as one of the bigger mainstream stars we've seen in a while, but nothing compared to Lesnar.

And to the above poster....I guess she's better in her division than Lesnar is/was? Lesnar was a beast for a short while though.

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