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*there is about to be a rant*

The guys this season seem to be forgoing getting drunk and acting like assholes for sitting in a slumber party circle and crying like women.

A few things. First this is not a team sport any of you should be willing to knock any of them out in a second. Next this isn't a ******* book club it's fighting you get hit. A lot. Get over it. If he starts winging spinning heels kicks at you fine say something but still don't whine like that. If he hits you in the face with a glove on and headgear I don't care if it's hard or not put you hands back up your chin back down and in Lukes case wipe the tears out of your eyes and get back to ******* fighting.

This season is nice compared to what it usually is but Jesus why are they all acting like a bunch of mid 30s Jewish women on their periods. And also someone needs to tell Gilbert to shut the **** up. He's irrelevant, his chance is over and he's driving so much of the drama.

Finally if a guy who nearly killed me with his feet had to live with me for the next eight weeks you best believe I wouldn't care if he offhandidly called my girlfriend who lives hundreds if miles away a bitch. Get over it. Your girlfriend probably is a bitch.

Jesus Christ shut up and train.

Rant over.

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