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Be honest...HOW EASILY could Ronda Rousey beat you up?

Do you think it would be a struggle? Or maybe you can take her? Or do you think she would absolutely destroy you?

I ask this because watching UFC 157 was both me and my brothers introduction to women's mma. During the main event I asked this question to my brother. Even though he has a big belly and no mma experience he seems confident that she would not be able to do anything to him.

He even feels his strength would negate anything she could do and he would just punch her in the face and end it. Including jiu jitsu. Obviously my brother doesn't understand the principle that jui jitsu is based on. But I wasn't going to waste my breath trying to explain that to him. He is a pretty strong guy, and I am sure he hits hard.

But come on...fess up....Rousey medaled in Judo in the Olympics and trains mma full time. And I am certain she has above average strength for a woman having been a combat athlete for so long. She can kick my ass and she could probably kick yours too :}
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