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Originally Posted by Ape City View Post
Honestly I have always wondered this. Not just about Ronda, but about the FW fighters as well.

I'm 5"11, 230 lbs, and I know a tiny bit about wrestling and BJJ. Nothing much though, just a few classes.

Given that I have about 100 lbs on these fighters (flyweights and womens div) I would imagine taking me down would be somewhat difficult for them. However, I bet if they let me take them down, they could reverse me very quickly. Then all they would have to do is make me work for 2 minutes and I would be completely exhausted.

Flyweights and Ronda by first round armbar/tko/exhaustion.
That'd be FLW.

I read this as featherweight and I can guarantee you Jose Aldo would take 10 years off your life.

A guy like Demetrious Johnson is far too quick and athletic for the average person...I mean...I don't really get why people think they can beat the dudes just because they are small.

Hell, my dad was just an average Joe(although he was an exceptionally talented boxer, he wasn't formally trained), and he knocked out dudes in street fights all the time. Hes only 5'6 and was like 140-150 during his youth. Pretty much everybody that grew up with him talks about how he was one of the best fighters.

He knocked some football player dude down...nicknamed "Tank" at a bar over his girl once(although he hightailed it afterword)...still

Point being people dramatically overestimate size. Some little guys can hit with some pop and are very a fight that's really all that matters.

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