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Originally Posted by UFC_OWNS View Post
oh doesn't it, why don't you talk about something you have a clue about dumbello.
When it comes to football I can categorically state I do have a clue, I'm more worried about you there brother.

The guy that hired Benitez to do his dirty work is the problem, not Benitez himself. But you are up against it here because on one hand, you wanna keep the oil money running through your club and for that, you need Roman. On the other hand you realize the russian couldnt give two shits about you, hireing a man despised around the Bridge. Not that I have any sympathy for Chelsea fans, "We want our Chelsea back" gimme a break. What Chelsea is that, the 2004 blood money buying everything in sight on a crash course to ruin english football Chelsea? Or the pre-2004, laughing stock of London, talking a big game but never amounting to anything Chelsea. I'll say it again, your club is a joke.

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