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Made my return to poker after a month long hiatus. Lost in the finals on Tuesday, then made a triumphant return coming in 1st in a local tourney. I was the chip leader going into the finals then I doubled up one person, another, and another twice (friend/nemesis) which finally crippled my stack. Kept my cool and fought my way back.

Hand of the night.

1,500 - 3,000 blinds
Small Blind: Raises to 13,000
Big Blind: No_Mercy calls 11,500

Flop: Ad 7c 8c
sb: checks
bb: Bets 15,000

sb: calls 15,000

Turn: 9c
sb: checks
bb: checks

River: 8s
sb: Bets 45,000 (effectively putting me all in leaving me with 1k left "IF" I call.)

Tanked for 10 minutes.

After careful analysis and looking at equity, betting sequence, hand combinations, and realizing whoever won this pot would win the tourney my final decision was to trust my gut.

I called with pocket 2s putting him on Q10,K10. He had the former. Took down the pot taking em out a few hands later. Then went into an hour long heads up battle eventually taking 1st - $450 - after paying the bubble. So $420 which is a pretty good number.

Feels damn good.

Huge PS tourney this Sunday I hear.

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