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Uriah is so hard to like now that he's being all overly-sensitive and moody. I went from sympathizing with him to wishing for his downfall over the course of a few episodes.

Samman has always been annoying and this Josh-centric episode has only put a magnifying glass on his douchebaggery. I was kind of wondering and/or hoping that he was all talk, but his skills ended up being impressive. I'd LOVE to see him and Uriah fight!

As for Luke, I didnt see it as him being a wimp so much as there being a clash of training philosophies. I've seriously met some legit fighters who do spar hard very frequently. They use sparring more like speed-chess than a representation of a fight. If you come from a camp like that and suddenly you're getting cracked in the face, I could see how you might feel that your partner is being too hotheaded.

Conversely, me coming from a camp that does incorporate regular hard sparring, I could see how someone would get annoyed if their partner was constantly like "hey man, lighten up."

I'm actually enjoying the drama. What makes it interesting is that its GENUINE. Its not stemming from alcohol or people just acting like idiots on film. The drama is coming from such diverse personalities being stuffed together in a proverbial powder keg, and all of it has been bubbling gradually. You can tell that people's gripes are coming from weeks of friction, and I find it so interesting to see how the TUF scenario affects different people.

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