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lol @ this strength argument still going on. You haven't grappled with Okami, you've got no idea how strong he is. I bet no one on this forum would have predicted Mark Hunt to beat Bob Sapp in a strong man contest, but he did.

Strength is some thing (unless the two competed in a strong man contest against each other) that needs to be felt first hand to get a good gauge on how strong they really are. It isn't like assessesing their speed or stand up skills which can be evaluated from a camera and video footage, actual strength is much tougher to actually analyse and unless you have grappled with Okami first hand, please stop stating that he is stronger than Lombard as if it's some kind of fact, because it isn't.

If I had to guess, I'd say Lombard was the more physically stronger man. His thickness and build is ridiculous, he has legs like tree trunks (similar to Mark Hunt). We also have Tim Boetch's word on Hector. He said that trying to take Lombard down was like running into a brick wall, he was almost impossible to move or take off balance in the clinch. Timmy didn't say the same thing about Okami when they fought.

But again, most of this is just guess work, I haven't grappled with either guy, neither have any of us, so you can't just state that fighter A is stronger than fighter B as if it's some kind of fact.
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