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Originally Posted by Nick_V03 View Post
I'm happy Diego got the win, but what was that? That's NOT how Diego fights. He's a monster that stays in your face, and don't give me that "he was respecting Gomi's power". The dude has taken punches from guys like Ellenberger and Penn, and what gets me the most is.. Right as the fight is about to end, THAT is when he goes into berserk mode, and you know what? He was actually being successful in those last few seconds and it's likely what swayed the judges. WHAT WAS HE DOING? WHY WAS HE SO EAGER TO NOT ENGAGE? He couldn't be afraid of Gomi's power, and in those last few seconds, he was going punch for punch just fine. COME ON DIEGO, I expect more. Sorry for the rant, I just didn't understand his strategy. Even if you scored it for Gomi, that's not the usual Sanchez that he potentially beat. I don't know what that was. Hopefully it was a fluke, or Diego was afraid of gassing because of the weight cut because I don't want to see that Diego again.
Maybe Diego has decided he doesn't want to look like a zombie after every fight. You have to admit his face looked the best it ever has after I fight that I can remember. I agree with you though. In the first when Gomi charged Diego and and got in some good punches then Diego went into berserker mode for a minute and backed Gomi up and I thought, ok here we go. Then he just went back to circling. Also what is the point of running out at your opponent to start the round and then stop in the middle of the Octagon and start circling. Jackson got him the win, so I guess it worked.

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