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Originally Posted by southpaw447
I don't think so. I was on his myspace the other day and he has some very high opinions of himself.
Although i've searched rigorously and haven't been able to find any of his 300-400 street fights on video. Plus his so called girlfriend who he claims to be the hottest mma ring girl is anything but

Comments, Opinions, andything to add?

does anybody know if he's for real?

300-400 street fights??? come on man thats retarded....and fighting 5 guys at once???? ya maybe if they were paraplegics and were blind at the same time....its soo unlikely that he could have done what he said in that fight....even in the mike v fight from cky vallely only fights one at a time...i'm sure if all those guys came at him at once they'd knock the shit outta him....dude this guy just wants some tv time....we'll see how good he is after his fight
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