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Good read.

What I think though is that people don't hate WMMA or have any negative opinion on it because the competitors are female, it's simply because they are not as good. Ronda Rousey has a nice hip toss and armbar. So does Demian Maia, and he's nothing close to the greatest of all time. Rousey Vs Carmouche was a good fight, and will keep people watching for the time being. But after the fight, people were saying "That was Rouseys biggest challenge". With no big names in WMMA really emerging, short of getting caught by something, who is really going to be the next step above that? There is no one out there besides the obvious, and THAT'S what WMMA gets a bad name. For ever Jones theres a Machida, Hendo, Evans. For ever Velasquez theres an Overeem, JDS, Werdum. There is no opposition for Rousey, because WMMA isn't good enough for there to be anyone...for the time being at least.

The reason MMA is considered more brutal is the helplessness. Someone in full mount raining down shots on a guy who just got dropped Vs someone going down for a 10 count is the big difference. MMA proves that people can continue after the get dropped, but for some people that's not nice to see. Me, I'm a just bleed kind of guy. Wanderlei / Stann all day

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