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Check out the Poker forum thread --->

First you need a HUD system if not know the type of players on your table especially if you're playing MTT or even SNGs. Sound like you're playing RGs which is even more important. Betting patterns, aggressive vs passive, pre-flop raises, post flop plays, turn and river bets. How often do they c-bet and what their ranges are. You gotta categorize them and play accordingly. If you don't know how to play certain hands according to position then you shouldn't be playing. Poker is like MMA in that every game and fight is situational. What may work in one instance doesn't always work in others.

Finally you need to be able to control your emotions. Everybody gets bad beats and I mean everybody. I doubled up three people and one person twice in that tournament which crippled my stack. Didn't matter. Kept my cool, fought back and took him out.

Luckbox can also give you some pointers too.

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