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Strength & Power Training

First and foremost, this thread was created by me to share information and hopefully enlighten some souls, please don't take it personally like I'm shoving it down your throat. You can disagree if you want but all of my thread is backed by evidence/links.

I feel the need to enlighten the many who are unaware of how to properly train for STRENGTH and POWER in regards to MMA/Martial Arts. It seems that a lot of people are stuck in the bodybuilding type routines, which is fine and dandy if you're into bodybuilding, but it doesn't transition or apply very well to martial arts. First off, let me point out some of the essential basics:

#1) You should not ever have a day where you are working out your biceps (example: "Oh yeah, today is biceps and triceps!" <--No.)
#2) Isolation exercises are BAD!!
#3) Looking big/cut does not equal being strong
#4) If you're doing crunches to get a 6-pack, you're gay
#5) You NEED to be doing squats, overhead presses, deadlifts, dips, and pull-ups.
#6) No more calf raises, leg extensions, or hamstring curls.

Now, here are a couple EXAMPLES of ways to split up your workout (these routines are primarily aimed at getting STRONGER, having a better core, and developing your posterior chain)

Example 1: 3 day Split
This is the current split I do, and is broken into a PULL day, a PRESS day, and a SQUAT day.

example Pull Day:
Deadlifts: 5x3
*5x3 means doing 5 sets of 3 reps, make sure the weight is heavy.

Wide grip pullups: BWx3x5
*Work your way up with these then start adding weight onto your pullups

Bent Over Rows:

Some other excercises you can do on your pull day are: Zercher deadlifts, shrugs, reverse curls, hammer curls, wrist curls, Z and chin ups.

example Press Day:

Bench Press:5x5

Overhead Press/PushPress:95x1x8

*Just like pull-ups, you can use the weight belt for dips as you get stronger

Close Grip Bench:4x4

Other exercises you can use for press day: cleans, skullcrushers, decline DB bench, incline DB bench, push press, seated weighted bench dips

example Squat Day:
Full Squats:5x5

Front Squats:135x1x8

Overhead Squats:95x2x8

Dumbell snatches:55x2x6

other exercises you can do on squat day: lunges, lateral lunges, zercher squats, parallel squats, barbell snatches

Example 2: 2 day split

Day one:

Overhead press:5x5

Weighted pullup/chinup:same as before

Day two:


Bent over row:same as before

**All of these numbers are made up and imaginary, but are just giving you an example of what kind of weight incriments/reps you should be doing. Also, you can mixup using the 5x5 on squats,deadlifts,bench press. Another good way to do those exercises is start light, do a set of 10, then do 2-3 more sets of heavy weights with reps under 5. You can also work your way up in a pyramid type pattern, such as 4 sets of 8,6,4,2, with the weight increasing each set.

Other helpful links:

DeFranco's Training - Westside for Skinny Bastards A modified lifting program for "Hardgainers"

Eclipse Gym :: View topic - Bill Starr 5x5 Primer - How to create your own 5x5 program

Super Squats 20 Rep Squat Routine

RossTraining - Articles

Mixed Martial Arts Training Interview - The Science of Total Training

Power Training Exercises

Development of elastic strength through the use of plyometrics

ExRx Exercise & Muscle Directory

Other notes: Make sure you're still working out you're abs as well. A lot of these exercises work your core immensely already but seated weight decline situps, russian twists, saxon bends, and leg raises are just an example of some other exercises you can do on your non-lifting days. Make sure you're not doing lots of rolling on heavy deadlift days , and make sure you give yourself enough rest. Some people can do the 3 day split Mon-Wed-Fri and still train, for others its over-training. I know most people won't think anything of this article but hopefully I opened SOME peoples eyes to what strength and power training is all about.

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