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How can u mention bodybuilding or whatever you define as lifting around lumps of metal in the gym and not mention nutrition? In fact I just read alot on that I never knew and Ive put 8 years into the gym, and recently got back into it.

Im not interested in suppliments but reading about timing of eating has been an eye opener.

As for a routine, which lacks training certain muscles; and over emphasises others. Well there is no magic barrier stopping your body from looking freaky and out of proportion. Dont train calves > chicken legs; dont train incline bench? > pigeon chest. Dont train arms and have huge shoulders and weak arm developement and you will have a few other unkind nicknames.

ATG squads? Bodybuilders stopped doing this in the 70s because it is a great way to ruin you knees (not smart if you have to ground fight in MMA).

Shrugs on a pull day and military press on a press day? Why they are both shoulder movements?

Also when training its advantageous to "mix it up" a bit. Do slight variations of exercises to keep your muscles guessing. If you dont take my word for it, ask Rich Franklin, he has a circuit type workout where he doesnt know what the weights will be or presumably the exercises. Its on youtube if you want to search.

Did I mention nutrition? You wont get anywhere in bodybuilding without a good diet.

Also if u are just starting or getting back into weights, then you probably will want to avoid your other training since you will be hobbling about till u get into your 2nd week.
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