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Originally Posted by M_D View Post
Going with Diaz on this one, ever since the match was first brought up ages ago i thought diaz stylistically is a big problem for gsp
Comments like this make me laugh. GSP is absolutely Diaz' worst stylistic match up. Diaz wins by putting on the pressure, backing you up, and whittling you down through volume. He's flat footed during it and relies on the pressure to put your back against the cage.

GSP - quite simply - won't let him do that. GSP is the master at dictating where the fight happens. When Diaz starts pushing forward on his feet GSP will put him on his back. When Diaz starts trying to make room for a sub he'll cut him open with elbows. Rinse and repeat. And GSP has the cardio to go toe to toe with Diaz' cardio. He can keep up this pace all night.

Diaz - as other fights have shown - has a hard time when he can't control the pace or the placement of a fight. He does not adapt well as he only has one gameplan. Against GSP that's not nearly enough.

This fight will be a massacre.

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