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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
That is a joke. The ONLY way he gets a finish is by cuts. And it may happen because Diaz has much scar tissue and GSP no doubt will be on top afraid to throw and grind elbows into his face.

Other than cuts there is NO POSSIBLE way he finishes Diaz. You have perhaps one of the hardest to finish in the UFC vs. a guy who hasn't finished a fight in 5 rounders!

GSP has no shot of subbing. He has no shot of TKO/KO. 1 bad bad cut is his only option. I have no clue how anyone could think otherwise?

It gets annoying as hell when people say "I think GSP will finish this one" every time he fights. But it is even more ridiculous when it is vs. the hardest guy to finish that he has ever fought.

Angry GSP is exactly what Diaz wants. I am a big Diaz fan, but I realize he has little shot vs. GSP if he is going to do the usually lay and elbow. If GSP gets that angry and tries to strike a bunch....or goes ape shit on the ground....DIaz has a MUUUUUCH better chance of landing a punch or a sub that changes everything.

GSP opening up and being mad is the only chance Diaz has. I hope GSP is angry as all hell.

Tell that to Robbie Lawler. Who has at least twice the chin any sort of GSP has.
Did you not see what GSP does when his opponent runs his mouth? Did he not "finish" Penn the last time they fought? The so called legend who said "I'll die in the ring before I give up", only to mentally break so badly his corner threw in the towel?

You are right on some things though, GSP won't sub him because he's not retarded. He knows Nick has great boxing and Jitz, so why the @#@# would he go for subs when it would be easier to be in a dominant GNP position where he would have no chance of getting subbed while inflicting steady damage.

Nick's boxing won't be a factor because he will legitimately have to worry about takedowns which will make him tentative. He doesn't have the KO power, so GSP will show he can stand and jab him all day long until Nick starts to feel himself and get taken down for it.

Once on the ground, GSP will make him his bitch. Anyone who thinks otherwise don't know shit about MMA or have your Nick blinders on. Nick does not have the explosiveness or the strength to deal with a greased up frenchie on top of him. He will get beat up the same way Penn got dominated, round after round his face will resemble a mashed tomato.

Except Nick is too stupid to quit, so he'll keep fighting hoping GSP gasses out (which won't happen) and might potentially get a career injury. So yeah, we might not see a "knock out finish", but we'll see a beating that'll take a year for him to recover.
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