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Originally Posted by Canadian Psycho View Post
So many asinine comments in one thread.

'GSP is scared.'

'GSP doesn't have the ability to submit fighters.'

'There is ZERO chance GSP finishes Diaz.'

I'm embarrassed to post here with idiotic comments like these. GSP isn't a scared fighter. There's no such thing. It takes fortitude to step inside a cage in front of millions and put your well being on the line. Scared men wouldn't be a part of this sport. GSP is a tactician who fights to preserve his health and longevity. That doesn't make him scared, and if you can't see the difference then there's really no point in conversing with you.

Moving on, of course GSP has the ability to submit someone like Diaz, or any fighter. To assume that he doesn't purely because it's been a while is just foolish. The question is not whether GSP has the ability to submit people, it's whether he'll take that risk. Again, one is completely different from the other. GSP took a lot more risks than he had to against Carlos, so the truth is that none of us knows what GSP will show up. He could come and play it safe. Or he could come to put on a show. OU would have us believe that GSP is a scared fighter who fights safe, and that Carlos Condit is a scared fighter who back-peddles the entire fight - and yet somehow these two managed to put on a FOTY nominee.

And finally, this whole 'zero chance' concept is bunk. Plenty has happened in MMA to validate the notion that anything can happen, and a dominant world champion leagues above his competition finishing an opponent is hardly a long shot. Yes, Diaz is tough to finish. And yes, this probably will be a 5 round UD. But you people really need to learn to leave the word 'impossible' at the door, because it has no place here.

I have no intention of returning to this thread until fight day or responding to any 'counterpoints'. I'm right. You're wrong. And I'd much rather enjoy what will likely be a great fight than have it ruined by keyboard warriors who fancy themselves big men over the internet. Instead of blaming GSP for being 'scared' and 'safe', try pointing a finger or two at the men whom have failed miserably to stop him.


Originally Posted by TheLyotoLegion View Post
Condit pretty much showed that Diaz being some unstoppable machine in the feet was a myth and GSP works with the finest jujitsu guys out there.

This will look like Bendo/Nate.

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And This!!

GSP is going to ragdoll Diaz badly. People don't seem to realize what a motivated GSP will do to someone. He's heads and tales better than everyone in the division. He's the most complete fighter in MMA (IMO), and will show it next weekend.

I'd love to see GSP dismantle Nick over 5 rounds and make him want to quit...


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