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Shrugs are performs with the trapizius, its a shoulder movement. Ive trained 8 years and Ive only seen shrugs done after doing a shoulder press of some type.

The main point I am making is that, setting a lifting program to me is just childs play. You can perform exercises but you will not get stronger without proper nutrition and sleep. Training is 20%. Im not trying to sell supliments but that has some great info on it. Probably has some good workout routines too.

I know some people say "I train everthing at once", when u can do that but your body is like everyone else's u need to allow time for it to heal after a work out. Do muscle groups once a week.

Not everyone who trains MMA will get to the UFC but gains made in the gym are yours to keep; be certain you end up looking better than you did before starting.
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