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Originally Posted by SgtSixpack
Shrugs are performs with the trapizius, its a shoulder movement. Ive trained 8 years and Ive only seen shrugs done after doing a shoulder press of some type.

The main point I am making is that, setting a lifting program to me is just childs play. You can perform exercises but you will not get stronger without proper nutrition and sleep. Training is 20%. Im not trying to sell supliments but that has some great info on it. Probably has some good workout routines too.

I know some people say "I train everthing at once", when u can do that but your body is like everyone else's u need to allow time for it to heal after a work out. Do muscle groups once a week.

Not everyone who trains MMA will get to the UFC but gains made in the gym are yours to keep; be certain you end up looking better than you did before starting.

As you can see, they are NOT apart of your shoulders. Common misconception, no worries. And you WILL get stronger even without proper nutrition and sleep, obviously those things are both very important but you can have the best diet in the world and the best sleep cycles in the world but if you don't DO ANY TRAINING, you will never get bigger/stronger, seems kinda weird training is only 20% to you, those 8 years must have been very beneficial

What a stud

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