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Placed 2nd tonight. Folded a set which I rarely do on a board with a one card straight and flush draw. This forced me to adjust my game in the final table. Basically let everybody knock each other out and hope the chip leader(s) have a meltdown. This rarely happens, but I was able to adopt a safe strategy to hit 2nd place unlike last week when I was in maniac mode (I was chip leader) pretty much until final three. I still tried to take out the 1st place, but the chip count disparity was too substantial. Me: 30k Opponent - 150k. If I doubled up twice I would have been ok.

All in all not bad. Gonna see if I continue this momentum.

PS: Hand of the night. I was about to muck my hand cuz opponent had a higher flush than me, then he pointed out I had a straight flush...lolz! Otherwise I would have gone out in 3rd place.

EDIT: Played in a $100 tournament tonight. Tough tourney...battled my way to third place with an extremely short stack. Everybody was playing solid, and my hands didn't hold early on. Lost coin flips with AJ, AQ, and AK. Ironically when I was short stacked I doubled up every time surviving. Sometimes survival mode is the only way to go when you're not getting the hands and you don't have the firepower (chips.)

Break til next.

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