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Originally Posted by No_Mercy View Post
Ah man that sucks. Had a roomate that stole my expensive watch. I looked all around for it when he wasn't looking, but couldn't find it. Decided to play coy and act like I didn't know and played the guilt trip on em. Miraculously it showed up (he handed it back), but I was in the same boat.

Here's the problem. If you fawk em up will he end up pressing charges. That would be a pook in the arse. Get fingerprints and file a report. If you have homeowners insurance you might be able to recover some stuff; laptop, ipod, etc.

Next move, get out of there. Find a new mate preferrably girls as they're cleaner anyways and less prone to pull shit like that. Thieves are so petty. Get a lock on your door. I'm in the process of doing the same thing.

I'm going to share with you a very cool astrological forecast, cuz I got into a feud last week and I was pissed.
Basically offered the POS a free shot at me. Guess he declined. Some kid who made snarky remarks. Just a lil weasel.

It said to maintain self control. My enemies and rivals would soon self-destruct. I've been repeating that mantra and it's helped.

But hey if you take em out with a bat and break his hands I don't blame ya.
I've only recently moved in! And there was a lock on my door! Son of a bitch broke it off. I'm in control of my emotions but the temptation to snap his arm is very real. The police came round last night but the upshot of it was theres not much they can do. Typical.

Oh and I wouldn't use a bat. Using weapons would only give the police more of a reason to send me down. If I armbar the c*nt however, I can say it was in self-defence or some shit. Theres a 1% chance of me actually hurting the piece if shit though. Would only exacerbate the situation.

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