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Originally Posted by smith06
I do calf raises all the time. I have since I was 9 or 10. By saying that they do not make your calves stronger you sound very ignorant. Do a couple hundred a day while you are watching TV or doing the dishes. If your calves and ankles aint stronger than you must be inhuman.
sorry, but that's not how you get muscles STRONGER smith06. maybe your muscles will be able to endure more pain/fatigue and be bigger/more toned, but they won't be STRONGER. also, bodyweight calf raises are basically pointless, go push your car up and down the drive way 5 times every night, your calves will be big and strong.

Originally Posted by dubya
wukkadb, for the listed routine the 3 day split I was wondering if those exercises are compatible to use with a resistance band rather than free weights. I've been using nothing but resistance bands besides body weight exercises and I really like the result I get from them. They are good because you can instantly go heavy or light with them, and they do give quite a bit of resistance. Also do you include conditioning training as well or just the tree days as shown?
Yes, conditioning is included as well. I do conditioning specifically 3 times a week , but you really do conditioning every day if you're training(rolling, sparring, padwork, etc). Resistance bands are something you should be doing on a conditioning day, not weight training day. Strength training is meant to be HEAVY free weights with LOW repetitions. I can tell you haven't checked out any of the links I put on my first post, it'd do you wonders to just check them out.

Here's an article from one of those links I posted concerning resistance bands:
RossTraining - Articles

He uses resistance bands also to work on his rotation and core but as you can see, it's more of a conditioning tool, not strength tool.

I think people are mixing up the term 'strength training' with too many other things.

What a stud

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The power of Aleks, his small baby and pimp hardcore dogs has granted you useful insight, my friend.
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