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Originally Posted by dubya
I disagree with what you say about resistance bands. Yes there are lighter ones but the ones I am currently using are super heavy and they provide more resistance the the weights I used to use and I get a lot bigger pump while using them. I don't use the whole length of the band I put my grip lower so when Im at the top of my lift or whatever im doing the band will not stretch any further. I believe this works well for me each person has their own methods. Other than this the rest of my work is with body weight or rolling on the ball.

However I will take your advice on the type of exercises you had mentioned.
Resistance bands and bodyweight exercises DO provide good benefits for strength, but you will never be as strong doing those as you will doing PowerLifting type exercises. Who are the strongest people in the world? Olympic power lifters and Strongmen. Their lifts and routines fit very well into martial arts. This link that I posted earlier has an interview with 3 of the top MMA Strength coaches in the game:
Mixed Martial Arts Training Interview - The Science of Total Training

Here's a short clip from there:
Typically I only use ground based lifts (deadlifts, cleans etc). I have a great photo of Tito Ortiz in full triple extension – exactly what the Olympic lifts develop. Who says the Olympic lifts don’t transfer to sport?!

We tend to use a lot of offset lifts (i.e. loading in one arm, DB snatches, etc.) to better simulate the lack of balance in a fight.

Prior to any weight training we use bodyweight exercises – a fighter has no business using loads if he (or she) cannot stabilize and control their own bodyweight.

And as far as the lower body goes – a fighter spends so much time in a split stance or on one leg we use a LOT of unilateral work.

As far as typical weaknesses – every ATHLETE I have ever worked with needs more posterior chain work. Fighters are no exception.

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