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Originally Posted by wukkadb

As you can see, they are NOT apart of your shoulders. Common misconception, no worries. And you WILL get stronger even without proper nutrition and sleep, obviously those things are both very important but you can have the best diet in the world and the best sleep cycles in the world but if you don't DO ANY TRAINING, you will never get bigger/stronger, seems kinda weird training is only 20% to you, those 8 years must have been very beneficial
If u give people a program and they stick to it thinking its straight from god, it will cause problems. You have to adjust what you do to suit your strengths and weaknesses and also to prevent injury.

About the traps, its a shoulder movement. You will use your traps doing a military press. If you do shrugs when standing you will be exercising a muscle which is part of the compound group of muscles which together can perform a behind the neck press or military press.
That is a stupid picture because the guy has no neck, its all traps. Have u seen Matt Huges' neck? Its thick and as wide as his head. Doing behind the neck press will make your neck thick. I have personal experience of this. Which is why I say start with a program but use it as a guide, not law. Change it if you see that you are overdeveloping one muscle group at the expence of another.

If u knew what you were talking about, you would see that posting a workout routine for everyone it wont be suited to everyone. You should state its a guide and to change it if the results are not what you wanted.

Originally Posted by Wukkadb
you can have the best diet in the world and the best sleep cycles in the world but if you don't DO ANY TRAINING, you will never get bigger/stronger
Only a moron would write such drivel. If u dont eat you will die. If u dont sleep you wont get stronger cause its when sleeping you muscles repair themselves. Also if u dont eat, your body will canabalize (read catabolic) your muscles for energy. Just look at anorexia sufferes and concentration camp prisoners, they lose muscle mass to the extreme. - Joey Rodrigues - Shoulder Training 101.
Oh look, what is this guy doing? Shrugs after doing shoulder workout, how odd?


Dumbbell shrugs develop the trapezius muscles and add mass and density to the trapezius."
Lol, my point is proven I believe.

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