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Originally Posted by TheLyotoLegion View Post
Don't ever remember bringing up Junior's KO power.

Manhoef couldn't Mousasi, Lawler or Tim Kennedy yet he managed to knock out the oh so great barely above .500 Mark Hunt who was also finished by Sean McCorkle. Why don't you rattle me off some of Manhoef's MMA wins Mr. Know It All.

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You laugh at how Hunt was KO'd by Melvin, so I'm telling you that Melvin has some of the most insane KO power in the entire damn sport and that getting flash KO'd by him in a matter of seconds is really nothing to be ashamed of and nothing to make a mockery of (like you continuously do with your WWE fan logic).

Hunt got flash KO'd by one of the most powerful and brutal strikers in the entire sport, So what? GSP got KO'd by a pillow fisted Matt Serra, do you laugh at that, too? Cain got flash KO'd by Junior Dos Santos, we all saw how the rematch turned out and we all saw how you were completely convinced that Cain stood zero chance in the rematch and that Junior was just going to easily KO him again?

Are you getting it yet? Early Flash KO's don't really tell us jack shit about the fight, this is MMA, the best of them get caught at times. Melvin flash KO'ing Hunt early on doesn't really tell us any thing (just like Junior KO'ing Cain so early on didn't really tell us any thing) other than that Melvin hits like a Heavyweight and if you let him hit you on the button, you're going to get knocked out. An early flash KO isn't really an accurate representation of each fighters skills, it hardly tells us any thing so stop using it as some silly diss on Hunts chin and capabilities as a fighter.
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