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Originally Posted by wukkadb
Only bodybuilders have a "shoulder" day so I could care less what they do. I break my workouts into a PULL day, a PRESS day, and a SQUAT day,
You routine is retarded. There isnt a thing as a pull, press, squat day because u made it up.

Originally Posted by SgtSixpack
You really cant read straight can u? I said its used in a compound exercise for the shoulders (the most basic shoulder exercise), the behind the neck press or military press; hence almost every person making a program will include shrugs with the shoulder workout NOT the back! Just look at the links I provided.
On your press day you are doing a shoulder press so it makes it retarded you do shrugs on your pull day. You are using your traps on both pull and press day. The idea of a program is to work groups of muscles together and then do a different group of muscles together. YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT.

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