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This is going to shock some people, but I actually gained a smudge of respect for Nick after reading this. He actually had some well thought out opinions and a logical basis to back them up, then he started getting emotional and sounded like an idiot, particularly towars the end of the conference call.

However, he once again came off as a crybaby in this interview. Crying about the way modern MMA is scored. Guess what Nick? This isn't a fu*king fight. This is a sport. If you don't like the way it's scored, go do something else, or actually work on these weaknesses that are being exploited instead of crying about it. For someone who was accusing GSP of being "spoiled" and "pampered" Nick sure came off like a whiney little brat who just didn't get his way.

Also, Nick needs to stop this whole "I'm from Stockton" and "I know where I come from" bullshit. NOBODY CARES EXCEPT YOU, Nick. No one cares if you're from Stockton, Mars, or the Hamptons, you're responsible for your actions as an adult and should be held accountable, regardless of where you come from.

Interesting conference call. Some good stuff from both guys.
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