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Originally Posted by OU View Post
I realize that most wrestlers also train BJJ these days or at the very least catch wrestling and/or sub defense. But for my point look at the primary discipline for the current UFC Champions. Cain, Jones, GSP, Bendo all rely heaving on wrestling. Not just the Champions but there are a ton of guys at the top of the divisions that rely heavy on wrestling and it's their strongest weapon. Even GSP who didn't start as a wrestlers clearly focuses heavy on wrestling and it has become his strongest aspect of his game. I'm not saying BJJ isn't great and at a high level you can't be dominate because there are plenty of examples of that as well. Just IMO due to the current scoring system wrestling is the most dominate art or technique in MMA today.
Yeah. MMA wise, with all the crosstraining that's about right. Separately, BJJ offers way more grappling techiniques and finishes, but we don't see pure disciplines against pure disciplines so often nowadays. As you mentioned, all these champions have background in wrestling, but they are champions because they use so well their wrestling mixed up with many other techniques.
The thing I highlight about BJJ is that today, it relies mainly in Demian as a pure BJJ representant. It's becoming hard to see such a high level wizard like him coming to MMA. The most of new breed, even when reaching black belt, are not BJJ purely specialists, as they train everything on the market from the start. Maia is BJJ in his core and only late added a few striking tricks to his arsenal, and a little wrestling of course, as he is no fool. So because he can do what he can using mainly his BJJ, "generations" after Royce, it speaks loud on how effective pure BJJ can be. Specially when showcased by a master like him.
Sorry 'bout the lenght. To be honest, I must say I like wrestling very much too, but I am a huuuge BJJ fan, as you noted.

I want so much to see him squaring off with the top of th WW up to Georges.
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