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Originally Posted by Ari View Post
This is going to shock some people, but I actually gained a smudge of respect for Nick after reading this.
Ah see there's your problem: You read the transcript. Listen to the conference call and most of what Diaz says is cleaned up to make more sense than it does.

Originally Posted by SideWays222 View Post
I am no Nick Diaz fan and i like GSP but im COMPLETELY siding with Nick Diaz.

Nick wasnt talking shit when he said GSP should get pampered and i would be getting pampered if i had the money. GSP just didnt understand what Nick was saying cause his English isnt that great and he thought Nick Diaz was insulting him. Which Nick Diaz wasnt doing. Then GSP started getting a bit personal with it. And Nick even told him that he does not believe that GSP deserves to get beat down. He also said buncha other things to let GSP know that he is not insulting him.

I know where GSP comes from though because i didnt always speak English and i used to get mad at some things i probably should not have. I like to think that if GSP understood what Nick was trying to express that he would not have said the stuff he did.
Nick wasn't talking shit when he was talking about GSP getting handed water bottles and all the other "pampered" things, but he was whining like a spoiled brat who is too stupid to understand the difference between being a professional fighter and being a celebrity. If Nick wants GSP money he should be taking notes as to what GSP does. Not missing conferences, swearing at cameras, flipping off opponents, getting caught for weed, and generally making himself un-representable by a real company like Adidas.

Nick Diaz was acting like he has to work harder for everything than GSP. GSP responded perfectly by reminding him he already had to do the shit Nick has done, just that he was smart enough to know what to do to get to the next level. Diaz, as much as I love him, is too dumb to understand. GSp knew exactly what Nick said, and it is insulting to insinuate that since GSP has more help now that he is somehow undeserving of what he worked for. Nick could have brought himself to the next level years ago if he played the game and made himself marketable, but he chose to do whatever the **** he wanted. Well, Nick, this is what you get.

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