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Hilarious of the writer to retool the conversation and try to make Nick look bad. Or like George maybe English isnt your their language and while butchering it and not really understanding American slang, They dont realize you've just become a comedy sketch. But yeah if you didnt know they f##ked up the transcript.

Again just like George not knowing how shallow and pretentious he looked by proclaiming he was dark, Jesus what a joke. He was at it again in this one. Butchering the English language while telling Diaz he wasnt making sense. This was the greatest interview or whatever you want to call it that I have ever heard in MMA. It should have been called the Diaz show that dude is hilarious with balls.

Now lets watch as pretend tough and angry George once again holds down an opponent and does pretend G&P for 5 rounds. Or better yet a whole fight of jabs. I cant believe I used to like this guy.

Remember when George got kicked in the head by Condit and turtled to the ground like a girl for the rest of the fight holding on. Remember his face after that fight. Now think about when Diaz took that same shot from Condit and then walked him down talking $h!t and b!tch slapped him while doing it, with an open hand. HMMMMMMM..........

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Ah see there's your problem: You read the transcript. Listen to the conference call and most of what Diaz says is cleaned up to make more sense than it does.

Nick wasn't talking shit when he was talking about GSP getting handed water bottles and all the other "pampered" things, but he was whining like a spoiled brat who is too stupid to understand the difference between being a professional fighter and being a celebrity. If Nick wants GSP money he should be taking notes as to what GSP does. Not missing conferences, swearing at cameras, flipping off opponents, getting caught for weed, and generally making himself un-representable by a real company like Adidas.

Nick Diaz was acting like he has to work harder for everything than GSP. GSP responded perfectly by reminding him he already had to do the shit Nick has done, just that he was smart enough to know what to do to get to the next level. Diaz, as much as I love him, is too dumb to understand. GSp knew exactly what Nick said, and it is insulting to insinuate that since GSP has more help now that he is somehow undeserving of what he worked for. Nick could have brought himself to the next level years ago if he played the game and made himself marketable, but he chose to do whatever the **** he wanted. Well, Nick, this is what you get.

Dude what the f#ck are you babbling about? Get out of here with that garbage and quit trying to rewrite it with your opinion. Diaz didn’t make sense to you maybe because you might either have low listening comprehension or most likely have no clue what growing up in an area like this is, know nothing about slang or the way people talk outside of your little world. Guys like Diaz though rough around the edges are the whole reason this fighting sh!t should exist.

Nick was telling GSP’s boring a$$ that there are reasons behind careers and business descisions that aren’t right. That golden boys who fit the company image get supported and treated in different ways. That GSP’s pretend to be dark fake a$$ came from a middle class family while Nick survived lower class hell. He was pointing out reality that so often gets looked over or recomposed by idiots. HMMMMM…. He was schooling GSP on the fact that maybe while GSP was pretending to be someone else he was missing out on some of those facts and at the same time while being a poster boy, he was neglecting some of the impact he has by running his f##king mouth off and talking sh!t under the guise that’s he’s the good one. But like I said you might have missed that just like GSP did. Which kind of makes GSP a shallow moron. Kind of interesting as those morons are the masses that Nick is speaking out about. The ones who actually don’t get it and think he’s the one who is dumb. LOL priceless!

You got it right, when you are true to yourself and don’t sell out you don’t get as far as those that betray themselves or don’t stand for sh!t. Yeah man that’s horrible let’s not do that.

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