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LOl thats funny. Posting aggressivley in a forum about fighting. Thats like saying swimming wont get you wet. Maybe I should use the same ideology.

1. The transcript is wrong and all my points are valid about it and George.

2. Noted about the double post.

3. Is it obvious or are you assuming. I have common sense and emotional intelligence, that's how I came to my conclusions, I'm not guessing and its not an opinion. I love fighting so its easy I don't need to pick sides like they are sports teams. Maybe I should conclude you love GSP and hate Diaz as if those were the only two possibilities. However its true that Diaz is the epitome of a fighter. George used to be great and was an amazing fighter. If the fact, and it is a fact, that he changed his game, that he falls down like a child when hit. That he fights safe and nothing like he did when he entered the UFC. If any of these things or that he acts like a fake or a phony doesn't bother you then these are things you should work out with yourself as these qualities wont get you anywhere over here my friend.
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