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Originally Posted by OU View Post
Man I have never had a legit bud brownie. We made some back in the day and it was awful. The way you are suppose to do it is make the bud into butter first and then use that to make the brownies....or that's the best way I hear.
We had some what we call "reggie" or regular weed. Yeah it was a chunky, steamy was gross lol

I got half a blunt in the ashtray again for the ride home!
I once volunteered to eat an entire bud brownie which is quite potent for someone who's never eaten one before. I was hungry.

I went on a weird trip. It's like a body high almost like you're on vitamin E. Definitely not the same sensation as smoking it. It was fantastic though although initially my stomach was a lil upset. After 30 minutes or so it takes over and last awhile...several hours for me. To make it you need to cook the hash oil. That's the main ingredient I believe.

My advice eat a quarter at a time...hehe.

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