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Originally Posted by OU View Post
Man I have never had a legit bud brownie. We made some back in the day and it was awful. The way you are suppose to do it is make the bud into butter first and then use that to make the brownies....or that's the best way I hear.
We had some what we call "reggie" or regular weed. Yeah it was a chunky, steamy was gross lol

I got half a blunt in the ashtray again for the ride home!
Same thing happened to me man but we used chronic. Just shoved the bud in the batter then cooked it. Wasn't very nice and we were smoking it too, so not even sure if it worked or not.

Originally Posted by oldfan View Post
green butter is the best! I have a very good friend (the kind that can be counted on one hand if you lost your thumb and pinky) ...He used to send me cookies and lots of other goodies. After a while he decided I wasn't worth all that trouble now he just sends me jars of butter.

It's a very different and I believe better high. after a cookie I sing all day while I work.

I never sang before. ever.
Man thats what I want. I'm just a little aprehensive about using my precious darling Mary-Jane in a brownie. Unless someone else makes them, with their weed, I think I'll pass for now.

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