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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
Not sure if he started fighting stupid. He never gave Bigfoot any respect in that fight, and had his hands down the whole fight. Overeem also gasses, Bigfoot an even bigger man had much more left come round 3.

2 wrestlers beat Bigfoot to a bloody pulp. DC at 5'10 and still a green striker clocked Bigfoot standing and sent him down. You would think the K-1 champs with all of this supposed power could do the same in 3 rounds.
I agree with the first part, but not so much with the second. DC although somewhat green in his standup (although he looked fine for a HW) clocked Bigfoot with some hard hits that would have knocked anyone out.

I can see what you are saying as far as the much bigger Overeem with a rep behind him should have hurt him more, but I don't think he landed as solid a shot. Fedor caught bigfoot with some bombs himself and bigfoot didn't flinch. I just think DC hits really hard.

First part was on point though.

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