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Great thread.

Firstly, as my title says, great thread. Really the kind of thing I was looking for when I registered today.

Im 218 pounds currently trying to cut down to light heavy weight and go semi-pro. I have done well if I don't mind patting myself on the back getting from around 250 to where I am now with good fitness, muscle endurance and explosive power.

My difficulty obviously apart from dealing with overtraining, injuries, training plateaus and general patience is cutting whilst maintaining power and muscle endurance. I have just began a cutting cycle. It is a mix of morning swimming intervals of sprints front crawl then breast stroke for muscle burn then on an evening a 3 mile run followed by a maintenance muscle exercise also plyometrics. Jump squats one day, clap press ups the next then situps and pullups (from dead hang to a snap at the top).

I read you said trading white rice (obviously includes pasta and bread too) for brown is effective???

In this phase I begin the morning with a high carb level due to the factor of your insulin sensitivity being at its highest (correct me if i'm wrong) meaning broken down glucose will make its way to muscle glycogen rather than fat stores. Tin of beans and 4 toast. I then swim then rice pudding protein shake then an hour before gym three Weetabix and a protein shake then gym then after ill have say a rice and tuna.... Do you have carbs before bed?? On a cutting cycle I really find no carbs before bed is essential or if anything more beneficial... Its so hard combining bed time, no carbs and high cardio your cravings for any form of glucose whether complex or simple is through the roof.

I have never tried the whole fat level content I have everything on the light side, light mayo, light butter... However you could be experiencing a high level of liptin or leptin hormone which breaks down fats. At low fat levels it begins to decrease secretion and slow down fat disposal. (Again correct me if im wrong).

I'm into day 7 of my elite cutting phase as obviously fitness and determination grows so does the level and extremity of your training. I have not seen results as of yet but it usually comes around the 2 week area am I right??? Im unaware as I have once to lose massive weight gone on a very low carb and trained once a day with intervals and lost much muscle and striking speed in the 3 month process and intensity of exercise failed which all is detrimental to fighting ability in the physical sense so now obviously with trial an error am on this scheme. It would be great to get a reply off you as soon as you could.

Thank you!
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