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Originally Posted by IronMan View Post
Here's my suggested routine, but it really depends on what your conditioning is like already already.

Monday: Cardio
5 mile run, outside is best
20 minutes of jumping rope taking a 30 second break every five minutes
20 minutes of kickboxing against a bag (just to work some actual combat training into conditioning workouts)
15 windmill sprints (run in 3 sets of 5, taking a 60 second break to see how fast your pulse can come down)
Stand-up, full pace sparring (I do straight boxing sparring, but with five minute rounds to simulate an MMA fight)
Cooldown jog, 1 mile

Wednesday: Strength Training
3 sets of 12 Overheadpress
3 sets of 12 Benchpress
3 sets of 12 Straight leg press
3 sets of 12 calfpress
Push-ups, with or without a weight-vest, depending on your conditioning
3 sets of 12 curls
note: the order for these is adjustable, I tend to do upperbody first and then lowerbody

Friday: Cardio
Same as monday
Don't understand doing 12 reps for str training?? Or doing overhead press before bench press?? Cardio seems a bit far fetched... Im a lunatic but even me keeping a worthwhile intensity throughout all of that.. (intensity being key over duration by far)

Str i'd go 5x5 powerlift squats then 5x5 power lift bench. Leave it... Next week do 5x5 powerlift deadlifts 5x5 powerlift overhead press... Introduce drop sets (dropping slight weight and repping more) for added muscle endurance... 3 extra reps tops.

Cardio, do the sprint training to get the maximum intensity out of your hiit session then follow through with the 5 mile endurance run.

Next week work a punch bag then kick bag interval session followed by a 2 mile speed run and then a 20 minute skipping session?? Intensity/quality over duration.

Not meant as a criticism... just contradicts my knowledge/experience... Not to come across rude. Will enjoy your opinion/response... Thank you
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