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Originally Posted by SgtSixpack
If u bothered to read the whole thread u will realise Wukkhkhss has only stopped posting because he finally got what I was saying and agrees with me. Makes no sence to train traps on both pull and push day. Added to that traps really are insignificant to both bodybuilding and MMA, so why train them twice? Leading to overtraining?
Look at the date of that post it predates this entire thread. Wukkhkushsh probably learned what a "compound" movement was from me.

As for dissin' me, you are probably a 14 yr old kid so what do I care?

I knew that my post would be provocative, but in the end I decided to post it and Im not having some retard who has probably never been to a gym in his life tell me that "I have wasted 8 years training" and try to make out that he knows whats what. I posted here cause his training method is not the best thing since sliced bread, its got flaws.
What are my flaws? Also, how did that link prove anything? And, for the record, I NEVER do shrugs, so don't use that one against me.

Originally Posted by ricefarmer
hey wukkadb dont listen to sgtsixpack, he doesn't get what your talkin about when u say compound and powerlifting... so let him have his bicept days and calve days and waste his time.. bodybuilding is only for looks.

but i have a question wukkadb.. i know powerlifting involves bench presses.. but i heard in mma they are pretty pointless.. and i shouldn't do them.. what u think about this?
Thanks for the love ricefarmer. As far as benching goes, I'm a little unsure about it. I still bench press every press day, but it is one of my worst lifts. I think that dumbell bench presses definitely have benefit to MMA though, as well as incline and decline. Close grip bench presses are also good to throw in.

What a stud

Originally Posted by swpthleg View Post
The power of Aleks, his small baby and pimp hardcore dogs has granted you useful insight, my friend.

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