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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
JDS probably has better BJJ than Struve. Struve's length is what makes him good on the ground. But people overrated his BJJ, he has sub'd bums thus far. Hunt did very well to defend, but JDS is probably the better grappler out of him and Struve.

Then again I am basing that off rep and physical skills, we haven't seen much of JDS on the ground.
Originally Posted by GrappleRetarded View Post
You can't evaluate some ones ground game like that when the only times we have seen Junior on the ground for any extended period of time he's ever been submitted (early fight), swept and reversed (Carwin) and shown ZERO submission offense. (Cain)

I'm not willing to just give Junior the benefit of the doubt on the ground because he trains with the Nog brothers, from what we have seen from JDS on the ground so far, he's been very underwhelming to say the least.

Given the extended amount of time we've seen Struve on the ground and how comfortable he is in that position compared to Junior, it's logical to say that he's demonstrated the better ground game and is likely to be better on the ground than Dos Santos.
I agree with GrappleRetarded. The only time we've seen Dos Santos do technique on the ground was when he rolled with Machida (a bit more than half a year ago). And he definitely lacked a black belt worthy flow while rolling.

In his actual fights he has shown NOTHING to make think he were a bigger thread on the ground than Struve (who purposely pulled guard from the clinch on different occasions). On the contrary even, not only did he show ZERO submission offence against Velasquez who constantly put him on his back, but while taking Carwin down, he even once ended up in some sort of a guillotine at the end of the round:

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