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To clarify Hunt is by far a superior striker than Nelson although both have solid chins while Hunt probably more durable.

Speed wise they're about the same although I've began to take notice that he lands his combinations with surprising speed. Hunt's like a hippo. I saw this video of a hippo being hunted by five lions. In an instant the hippo turned around and snapped the neck of the lion and that was that.

But the problem has always been his conditioning at least in an MMA setting. JDS fought five rounds against Cain while getting battered. Can Hunt last all five rounds and maintain his power.

Definitely not ruling out Hunt because he's shown what he can do. I feel that speed, movement, conditioning, and hunger is on JDS's side. This is the same fighter who was supposed to go against Overeem and said fawk it we'll take Hunt. Same fighter who decided to fight against Brock/Carwin even though he was granted a title shot.

Although Hunt is experiencing a huge resurgence I think JDS's will to win will be the deciding factor. I'm not sure if JDS will TKO Hunt, so I'll say UD.

I'd like to see Hunt vs Overeem as well and Nelson.

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