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Originally Posted by MMA freak
I've explained why you just haven't been paying attention. Tim Sylvia clearly can beat Mark Hunt. It would be another Cabbage .vs. Tim Sylvia at UFC 39. And I've asked this question before and everyone thought Tim would win definiitely. Mark Hunt is sure something better than Wesley Correira but he is way smaller than Tim Sylvia. He would try reaching in and Tim would strike him out. Plus he leaves his head open its terrible and Tim would use that too. But Mark Hunt is a K-1 champion and a great stand up fighter but Tim would own him do to reach and Hunt leaves his head open.

Against Josh Barnett Tim Sylvia would outstrike him for sure. Maybe I was contradicting and over rating Sylvia. I think this fight actually would end this same as Frank Mir and Sylvia did. Barnett will bring Sylvia to the ground with him on his back and Barnett will get Sylvia in either an armbar, keylock, kimura, or even triangle choke. Sylvia has been submitted a couple of times on the ground. I think Barnett will use that as a factor. Therefore I contradicted Tim Sylvia and myself. I think Barnett can win now due to the facts.

But against Aleksander Tim would win. Aleksander not only keeps his head open for punches and kicks against it but he reaches in to use his striking skills. If he does this against Tim Sylvia of coarse Sylvia will begin to destroy him. I think this will be a version of Andrei Arlovski .vs. Tim Sylvia 3, Aleksander tries to reach in like Andrei but Sylvia strikes back at him terribly like a coward (which is what he usually does). It would end in a decision with a boring match. Aleksander and Arlovski are very similar fighters except Arlovski does more leg kicks and Aleksander is a way better striker than Arlovski. And Arlovski is more well versed in submissions.
That's fine, I wasn't arguing the part about Mark Hunt, that is feezable. It was the Barnett thing I couldn't get past, I just wanted you to elaborate a little bit after saying something like that haha.
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